Covid-19 Information
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  Covid-19 Information

US General Data on the Virus
MI General Data on the Virus
The UK's NHS Info on Covid-19
Covid "Dashboard" for MI
The WHO's Info on Covid-19
The Virus: What Went Wrong? by PBS & Frontline
The ECDC's Info on Covid-19
Coronavirus Pandemic by PBS & Frontline
COVID-19 by Kurzgesagt
Coronavirus, Explained
What happens if there is a pandemic? by AsapSCIENCE
Ineffective masks: Bandanas and Fleese by Duke's School of Medicine
What actually happens if you get coronavirus? by AsapSCIENCE
Hillsdale College's "Donít Panic!" COVID Tract
Coronavirus tracked by Washington Post
Tracking Coronavirus Cases at U.S. Colleges and Universities
The Multiplicative Power of Masks
The Astounding Physics of N95 Masks

Pres. Arnn made available, by email, Dr. Halperin's Facing Covid to the students, staff, and faculty of Hillsdale College.