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Covid-19 was an indiscriminate killer around the world. In Michigan, we experienced
more than 36,983 confirmed Covid deaths, more than 2,579,861 confirmed Covid cases, and more than 3,974,379 Michigander are still unvaccinated against Covid-19 (as of 01-05-2023). However, through
collective sacrifice (‘the soil from which personal freedom grows’ (think of the sacrifices made to win WWII (1939-1945)),
solidarity (“... we must, indeed, all hang together or, most assuredly we shall all hang separately” (Franklin 1906:269)), and
scientific advancements, the Covid threat has passed.
Therefore, I will not be forcing my students to wear the N95 masks in the classroom or giving N95 masks away for free.
If you think it's necessary to wear a N95 mask during class (e.g., you or someone you love is
unable to get any of the Covid-19 vaccinations due to "acute illness" (e.g., cancer, myocarditis, pericarditis, GBS, etc.), and/or
you are part of their regular social group (think, direct herd immunity participant)), please feel free to do so.
Mask shaming will not be tolerated, since it is counter to the beliefs of all major religions.

The following links are here to educated the curious, enlighten the poorly informed, and, possibly, help those who are un-vaccinated to become vaccinated against Covid-19.
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Before the pandemic (2017), 25,187 people died of Heart Disease, the Leading Causes of Death in Michigan..
Pres. Arnn made available, by email, Dr. Halperin's Facing Covid to the students, staff, and faculty of Hillsdale College.