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  Email Directions

As for email, I check my email every evening. In the event that you experience difficulty in one of my courses, please email me for an appointment and we will discuss your problem and its solution. In other words, do not contact me at the end of semester and tell me that you are having a problem with the course. At that point, it's too late. My goal is to help you learn and I can't help you if you don't tell me what you don't understand. Make sure when you send me an email, you address the Subject as 'REL-374-01 & last name' or 'SOC-393-02 & last name,' for example 'REL-374-01 Smith' or 'SOC-393-02 Smith,' respectively. Addressing the subject correctly will give your message a very good chance getting past my ferocious junk mail filter.

For non-students, choose one of the following options:

   Soc - Request
   Soc - General comment
   Rel - Request
   Rel - General comment
   Webpage Correction

P.S. To foster engaging classroom discussions, I encourage you to read the following:
   Dr. Jensen's Curriculum Vitae
   Dr. Jensen's Teaching Interests, Educational Philosophy, and Research Goals
   Hillsdale College Adjunct Professor Webpage

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