American Religious Landscape
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   REL-374-01 - American Religious Landscape

Test 1 Review Material

Test 2 Review Material
Islam Chapter 01
Islam Chapter 02
Islam Chapter 03
Islam Chapter 04
Islam Chapter 05
 ·If needed, Three Minute Catechism
  (focuse on the Seven Sacraments and #35, 55, and 59).
 ·An example of how the Seven Deadly Sins can be secularized.

Test 3 Review Material

What's my current Grade?

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Syllabus (see top of the page) & Essence of science

Digital Hand-outs:
· HO - Group A - 09-15-20
    Theodicy Dilemma Flowchart and Religious Terminology
· HO - Group B - 10-13-20
    Dr. Athar's 25 most FAQ about Islam
· HO - Group C - 10-27-20
    Five Solas: A sociological review
· HO - Group D - T.B.A.
· HO - Group E
· HO - Group F

Fun (possibly humorous) Homework assignments (Aug.):
· Animated map shows how religion spread around the world
· Religious people are nerds
· The church for people who are “Spiritual, but not religious”

Fun Homework assignments (Sep.):
· Anselm & the Argument for God
· Aquinas & the Cosmological Arguments
· Intelligent Design
· A Rationist's theory of religion: An example
· The Old Testament Told in Only 5 Minutes
· 60sAiRel - as social control
· 60sAiRel - as ritual
· 60sAiRel - as a mother
· 60sAiRel - as a virus
· TSoL - Uncle Karl
· TSoL - Uncle David
· TSoL - Uncle Max & the PE & the SoC
· FYI - A Christian and a Buddhist Walk Into a Cartoon
· FYI - What is Buddhism?
· FYI - Taoism -- The Art of Not Trying
· FYI - Taoism -- The Power of Letting Go
· FYI - Taoism -- Wisdom For Inner Peace
· FYI - Hinduism -- What is it?

Fun Homework assignments (Oct.):
· Animated map shows the most religious states in America (2017)
· Top religion population in US (1960-2020)
· A geography class for racist people
· NYC comedy fest highlights Muslim comedians
· Muslims can’t take a joke about Islam?
· Ramy Youssef is expecting a Hogwarts letter from ISIS
· Hasan Minhaj at 2017 WH Correspondents Dinner
· Roasting muslims and Jews in front row - Andrew Schulz
· The Life of Brian - Denominationalism
· Catholic birth control - Every sperm is sacred
· Protestants birth control - French ticklers

Fun Homework assignments (Nov.):

Fun Homework assignments (Dec.):

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