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   WMU - Religion in Modern Society - 3340

Test 1 Review Material:
  Red Book Chapter 1
Green Book Chapter 1
  Red Book Chapter 2
Green Book Chapter 2
  Red Book Chapter 3
Green Book Chapter 3
  Red Book Chapter 4

Test 2 Review Material:

Test 3 Review Material:
Non-theistic traditions

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Syllabus: REL-3340_Rel_in_Modern_Society   

Digital Hand-outs:
HO-01 Essence of science
HO-02 Comparative Religion and the Law
HO-03 Modern primary dogmas: A sociological understanding
HO-04 Religious_Terminology
HO-05 Theodicy Dilemma Flowchart
HO-06 Five Solas
HO-07 The Gospel of Wealth
      Mirror Link to The Gospel of Wealth
HO-08 Humanistic vs. authoritarian religions

Fun (possibly humorous) Homework assignments (Sept.):

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