Only $20 - Quotes to squeegee your third eye: Thinking outside your cage

  Quotes to squeegee your third eye: Thinking outside your cage


 "If you want to tell people the truth, you'd better make them laugh or they'll kill you."
Attributed to George Bernard Shaw (1856-1950)

Abstract for a True Blue American: Have you ever thought of expanding your horizons? You know, so you can be less uninformed. As Americans, we have a tendency to be lazy. Putting it another way, we run from labor. In doing so, things tend to get boiled down to being either black or white. But in our efforts to escape labor and the freedom that comes with it, we fail to see life in all the wonders of technicolor. Let us help you, squeegee your third eye.

Abstract for an Egghead: Through satire, the Brothers Jensen offer an alternative look at our 21st century beliefs. Using a collection of obscure quotes and aphorisms, the authors offensively paint a humorous and politically incorrect picture of what Americans hold to be true and false. By exposing these antagonisms, they hope to continue - in some small way - the work first pioneered by Kant’s 1784 essay, "Answering the question: What is enlightenment?"

Introduction snippet: "Bill Hicks (1961-1994) explained, ‘Watching television is like taking black spray paint to your third eye’ and the remedy, he comedically argued, was to consume psychedelic mushrooms in order to 'squeegee' it.1 For those of you who are now lost — as in ‘Who is Bill Hicks?’ / ‘I thought only boys had a third eye?’ / ‘Did they just advocate the use of illegal drugs?’ / ‘What’s a squeegee?’ — you should be overjoyed that the Brothers Jensen wrote this book for YOU and Providence allowed YOU to find it."

Footnote 1: "The quote is a composite/summary of the following routines found in Rant in E minor (1997, CD): "Gifts of forgiveness" and "Love List (No Future)" (Track 8 and 32, respectively). The sentiments behind this quote are woven throughout Hicks’ work. It is possible that the exact quote was uttered by Hicks in an unrecorded stand-up routine and reported by one of his many fans. The quote inspired the title of this book. However, Sapere aude (Dare to be wise) — as it is discussed in Immanuel Kant’s (1724-1804) essay, "Answering the question: What is enlightenment?" (1784) — is the real inspiration behind this book and its content."

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  1 Absence of innocence
  2 Seeds of evil
  3 Pigeons
  4 War: A stupid fascination
  5 Since Rutherford B. Hayes
  6 The joy of mud
  7 Religion: The anti-catalyst
  8 Voltaire!!
  9 Our iron cage
 10 Theodicy in an acorn
 11 Absolute minimum: A life style?!
 12 The two classes
 13 Taxes: A redistribution mechanism
 14 Negotiating faith on a ledge
 15 Dyslexia
 16 Calories: Not all are equal
 17 Sexual selection
 18 Understanding fear: A cure onto itself
 19 Laughter: A subversive power
 20 Seven Commandments of Jesus
 21 The Golden Rule: Devolving
 22 Monotheistic religions: A purpose
 23 MIA: Lincoln’s Party
 24 Teaching controversy: A tool of post-modernism
 25 Real class warfare

 26 Crime: Blue collar vs. white collar
 27 Supply-side economics: Still a failure
 28 Over the counter vitamins: Hokum
 29 Mechanical aptitude
 30 Gratitude
 31 Beauty: A cart before the horse
 32 Who to blame?
 33 Capitalism: Another definition
 34 Unions, Reagan, Republicans, and hypocrisy
 35 Change: A constant
 36 The power of hypocrisy: War between the sexes
 37 Good guys with guns: Ineffective
 38 Jesus: Friend to the atheists
 39 Malignant narcissism
 40 Futility: An ode to Sisyphus
 41 Humanism vs. nationalism
 42 Sex education: A few clarifications
 43 Is it hard work or dumb luck?
 44 St. Hicks
 45 Sharing
 46 Some bewares
 47 Discussion: Red Fascism or Corporatism?
 48 Fish: A geopolitical economic analysis
 49 The Eight ‘P's’
 50 Have things changed?
 Conclusion — More paint or turpentine?
 * Litany against misanthropy
 * The five stages of catharsis
 * Examples of false equivalency
 * Anti-discourse
 * The logistics of here and now

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